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A Truth Beyond Compare

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Lourdes A. Ongkeko, Ph.D.

Lourdes J. Astraquillo Ongkeko, Ph.D. calls herself a child of World War II as soon as she saw how it announced itself in her native Philippines. She was a first-semester public high school sophomore of Baguio City High School, Northern Luzon. War announced itself on December 8, 1941 through what was later identified as carpet bombing.

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When the Japanese ruled the Philippines

The memory of World War II and the Japanese occupation of the Philippines is hardwired into the collective Filipino consciousness. Filipinos of that generation, including Lourdes J. Astraquillo Ongkeko, preserve precious memories of that time.

Ongkeko has resided in the United States for many years. But this has not darkened her wartime memories. As she writes in her autobiographical composition, “Love Is Timeless in War and Peace: A Truth Beyond Compare”: Read more

A Child of World War II Writes

The effects of World War II on children are unfathomable and it would be difficult to say anything other than the consequence on their very existence and mental stability was prodigious. As Author Lourdes J. Astraquillo Ongkeko asserts in this deeply stirring text titled A Child of World War II Writes: Love is Timeless in War And in Peace: A Truth Beyond Compare, no child should have had to endure the numerous devastating horrors of war, but unfortunately so many did. Read more
Seldom do I fine a book about the Pacific war, and this was told by a child, and it was great.
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Kindle Customer

Great book
The power in this book was not in the editing or presentation, but in the reality of what the author lived through. The accounts must be very similar to what’s happening in Ukraine. It individualizes the horrors of war.
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Very insightful account into the account of an often overlooked demographic of war. Based in the Philippines, it details the trauma and struggles of war for the innocent and overcoming adversity. Well worth it to get an interesting often unseen perspective of war.
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Captivating Read
This is a great memory with a lot of information about the things that happened in the Philippines, and how she not only survived but thrived in a war torn country. It was quite enjoyable to read for the most part. There were a few spots that could have benefited from a good editor to help them flow better and not jump around, but overall it was very good.
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Rachel Hert

Felt like talking to me grandmother.

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