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This is an easy to read, and heartwarming story of a young woman’s dedication to bettering her education despite the uncertainties and dangers during wartime. The author was a high school student when war arrived in the Phillipines, yet she persevered and managed to excel academically. She paints vivid descriptions of life during the Japanese occupation of her country. This well written narrative flows beautifully.
My favorite excerpt from this insightful memoir: “The single, solitary lesson that war is meant to announce to the world at large … truth and courage have their singular roles to fill as life goes on.”
This is an inspirational read for anyone, but especially for someone in their more formative years.

Michael Burnett

An Inspirational Memoir!


This story kept me in suspense as the author described the chaos of World War II as it descended on her home. It is a stunning and heart-breaking look at the horrors of war and how it transformed the free city of Baguio. The author describes the occupation by enemy forces so well that it felt like I was there. It is an inspiring story of perseverance. I can almost picture this being adapted into a movie.

N. Wilson

Kept me in suspense from beginning to end


This is a great memory with a lot of information about the things that happened in the Philippines, and how she not only survived but thrived in a war torn country. It was quite enjoyable to read for the most part. There were a few spots that could have benefited from a good editor to help them flow better and not jump around, but overall it was very good.

Rachel Hert

Felt like talking to me grandmother.


Seldom do I fine a book about the Pacific war, and this was told by a child, and it was great

Kindle Customer

Great book


The power in this book was not in the editing or presentation, but in the reality of what the author lived through. The accounts must be very similar to what’s happening in Ukraine. It individualizes the horrors of war.




Very insightful account into the account of an often overlooked demographic of war. Based in the Philippines, it details the trauma and struggles of war for the innocent and overcoming adversity. Well worth it to get an interesting often unseen perspective of war.


Captivating Read